Meet our CEO


Meet our CEO

Our CEO Ashley Hunt is a mom of two her goal is to provide support to families in the
community.Very early in her education career she struggled to put herself through college
facing discrimination as a single mom in school.

Now Ashley is a three time HBCU graduate with a Bachelors, Masters of Engineering, Masters of Science
in Family Consumer Science with a concentration in Human Development and Family
Studies. Her focus while obtaining her master’s degree was single parents in
higher education and providing support to ensure degree completion.

Pregnant with her second child she created Mocktails for Mommy as a way for moms to
create drinks, share information, but most importantly to inspire other women
to be their best.

Mocktails for Mommy is a platform to inspire other moms pregnant or not, to help women in
general and to let them know they are not alone.93363117-696698187760253-878702531545399296-n